Why and How Should You Bet On Corners – Part 1

Have you ever wondered what can you bet on when it comes to a football match, aside from the end results? Well, you have an excellent option in betting on corner kicks. More and more bookmakers offer this as a betting option, though it is not that common a practice.

Experienced gamblers opt for that often as it gives a new edge to their game. It asks for observation of patterns and quick reaction. Odds change rapidly throughout the matches and you can take advantage of the factors that bookies happen to overlook when keeping track of live matches.

To begin staking your money on corners, you should first be aware of the numbers. Check how many corners your chosen team has kicked in the last 10 games for example. You know how it goes – the favourites find themselves in an unfavourable situation and the game becomes very intense. This results in a high number of corner kicks.

It’s very important for you to track that because it is statistically proven to be repetitive behavior. Here’s a useful formula for calculating the number of corners won by a team:
Proportion of corners = P x 0.6365 + 0.1818

It’s also good to have a few facts in mind beforehand. The amount of corner kicks that occur in a given match is largely dependent on the teams’ strategy, motivation, the pressure they go through, the tempo of the game and so on, and so forth. Know that when teams are losing to evenly matched opponents, they tend to win substantially more corners.

Also, the alleged favourites usually win 6 corner kicks on average when they are winning, and 8 – when they’re not performing all too well. And if they are relying heavily on attack but don’t manage to score, they gain a great deal of corners.

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 of our breakdown of corner kicks betting!