Why and How Should You Bet On Corners – Part 3

This time we’ll focus on the types of bets you can place when betting on corner kicks. Overall there’s 8 options for you to choose from – that should apply to Livescore.in most bookmakers. Let’s break it down!
Number 1: First or Last Corner
Here you’re betting on which team will win the first and/or the last corner kick. This may be more down to luck than strategy on your side but it’s exciting nonetheless, especially when you’re betting live.
Number 2: Time of first corner kick
This one is a tad trickier. However, it can be a good idea if you’re betting on matches with a clear favourite and on teams that you know are highly motivated especially in those valuable first minutes of the game. You can be limited by a time stamp, though, – it’s usually the 10th or 20th minute.
Number 3: Total corners
This is pretty obvious – you gamble on the number of corner kicks. Usually bookmakers set a limit of 10 kicks, and your aim here is to decide whether the actual number after the game will be over or under that.
Number 4: Half-time corners
Analogical to the previous one, only now you ty to guess the number of corners won by the half-time stamp. The most common bookies’ marker here is 5.
Number 5: Who’ll get 5 first
The course of action here is for you to bet on which team will win 5 corners first. The number is not set and can vary within different bookmakers, but it’s usually 3, 5 or 7.
Number 6: Who’ll win more corners
You’re betting on which team will end with more corner kicks in their tally after the last whistle.
Number 7: Stronger half
You’re trying to predict whether the first or second half of the match will have a higher number of corner kicks. Keep in mind that the first 45 minutes have less chance of being too intense, thus the odds are higher.
Number 8: Corner range
When betting on what the range of corners won would be, know that the odds vary. Typically there’s 5 sets – 0-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13+ corner kicks in a given match.

Why and How Should You Bet On Corners – Part 2

One of the key aspects to betting on corner kicks is knowing and deciding when to act. It’s almost universally accepted that it’s best to have a quick reaction when the match is being played, as no matter how much statistics you’ve gone through and how good your predictions usually are, there’s less chance of you guessing correctly beforehand.

Staking on corners pre-match is challenging because you can never be sure what the tempo of the game would be, whether or not the players would be highly motivated and aggressive. However, if you still want to try that out track the overall number of goals and corners a team has scored, and in which minute exactly. This will give you a sense of what to expect in terms of gameplay.

Arguably, the best time to bet is when there’s a lead of 1 goal – surely the losing side will spring into action. However, bookies lower the odds when the pressure rises, so you should keep an eye out both on the game itself and the change of odds at the same time.

Of course, there’s other factors indicating the possibility of a corner kick. One is when the match is fast paced with a lot of switches in ball possession, both among teammates, and between the two teams. Another likeable precondition is a loud crowd close to the pitch. Attackers getting the ball near the byline also creates a good chance of a corner kick.

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Last time we talked about how favourites win between 6 and 8 corner kicks depending on the situation, but it’s super necessary to highlight that the number of goals a team scores is not proportional to the number of corner kicks. Don’t go for well-performing teams thinking that by default they’ll get more corners.

In our next installment of the series we’ll describe the different strategies people use when betting on corners. Don’t miss it!

Why and How Should You Bet On Corners – Part 1

Have you ever wondered what can you bet on when it comes to a football match, aside from the end results? Well, you have an excellent option in betting on corner kicks. More and more bookmakers offer this as a betting option, though it is not that common a practice.

Experienced gamblers opt for that often as it gives a new edge to their game. It asks for observation of patterns and quick reaction. Odds change rapidly throughout the matches and you can take advantage of the factors that bookies happen to overlook when keeping track of live matches.

To begin staking your money on corners, you should first be aware of the numbers. Check how many corners your chosen team has kicked in the last 10 games for example. You know how it goes – the favourites find themselves in an unfavourable situation and the game becomes very intense. This results in a high number of corner kicks.

It’s very important for you to track that because it is statistically proven to be repetitive behavior. Here’s a useful formula for calculating the number of corners won by a team:
Proportion of corners = P x 0.6365 + 0.1818

It’s also good to have a few facts in mind beforehand. The amount of corner kicks that occur in a given match is largely dependent on the teams’ strategy, motivation, the pressure they go through, the tempo of the game and so on, and so forth. Know that when teams are losing to evenly matched opponents, they tend to win substantially more corners.

Also, the alleged favourites usually win 6 corner kicks on average when they are winning, and 8 – when they’re not performing all too well. And if they are relying heavily on attack but don’t manage to score, they gain a great deal of corners.

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 of our breakdown of corner kicks betting!